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2019 Player Registration Open
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Recreational Registration Information - Player Fees / Payments Information

    Registration for the Fall 2019 season will open on April 15th 2019

    • Tracyton SC is part of US Youth Soccer. Per US Youth rules, your player cannot be rostered to a team until your registration is complete.
    • Registration is not complete until all player information has been received by TSC and all registration fees have been paid.
    • Only rostered players are allowed at Tracyton SC practices, games, scrimmages, or any other TSC events.
    • If you choose to pay by check when registering, check payments must be made immediately following registration and can be mailed to:

    TSC, PO Box 302, Tracyton, WA 98393

    2019 Recreational Player Fees for Each Age Group:

    Birth Years Age Group Early Registration Fee (by June 15, 2019) Regular Registration Player Fee (June 16, 2019 & after)
    2015-2012 U05-U08 $115 $145
    2011-2010 U09-U10 $130 $160
    2009-2008 U11-U12 $155 $185
    2007-2005 U13-U15 $170 $200
    2004-2001 U16-U19 $190 $220

    Additonal Player Discount and Family Maximum

    Additional Player Discount:
    $30 off per additional family member registered*

    Family Maximum:**
    Recreational Players only: $495
    Select Players Only: $750
    Recreational and Select Players: $750

    **The family maximum is not automated, please contact either TSC Treasurer or TSC Registrar if qualified to make an adjustment.

    Tracyton SC Players -- Fees/Payments

    This is your club, which is in place to provide the game of soccer to those in the community who are interested. Once registered you become a member of Tracyton Soccer Club. Many of your bills are due prior to the start of the season (fields, t-shirts, jerseys, player equipment, field equipment, referees, scheduling fees, etc.).

    Financial Aid applications have their own requirements (the scholarship fund is only available to those who have registered, submitted proof of eligibility, and paid their portion).

    Questions? Need more information? Please contact the TSC Treasurer, Casey Winters. Thank you.

    *Recreational registration fee covers: outdoor practice fields, one fall season (league fee, game fields, and referees), insurance, merchant fees, scheduling fees, and club fees**

    **Club fees: events, buildings, administration, operational, coaches' development, referee training, player and field equipment

    ***First registered player is full amount and each additional player receives a $30.00 additional player discount until the family max

    TSC Financial Aid

    The TSC Scholarship fund is deplited for the 2019 season.

    TSC has a scholarship fund, please see below for how to apply.

    If any of your players qualify for Free or Reduced lunches through a school district, then TSC will reduce each player's registration fees once the full amount of family's portion is paid in and a copy of the letter(s) with proof of qualification is(are) submitted to and received by TSC. Please note -- if you need that amount calculated by the TSC Treasurer, send him an e-mail. The school letters can be scanned and e-mailed in to the TSC Treasurer at treasurer@tracytonsoccer.com or a copy can be mailed to the TSC PO Box.

    Tracyton Soccer Club
    PO Box 302
    Tracyton, WA 98393

    Reduced lunch qualification: 25% registration fee discount

    Free lunch qualification: 50% registration fee discount

    Questions? -- please contact the Tracyton SC Treasurer, Casey Winters.

    Other Registration Questions?

    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to check our TSC FAQs or contact our Registrar Susie McGill at registrar@tracytonsoccer.com

    Play-up Requests

    When registering your player, use your player's CORRECT birthdate and place requests within the form.

    Find more Questions/Answers for TSC registration on the
    Commonly Asked Question

    Q: How are teams formed?

    Teams are formed in the following ways:

    1st: Players who request to return to the same team that they were on the previous year and have completed registration (including payment in full) by June 15th are placed back on that team (2016 - with different age group rules, this is not guaranteed), provided the team exists at the correct age group. For more information on THE US Youth new Age groups please visit here.

    2nd: Players who request to play on a team (requesting to play for a coach or to play with a friend) -- If the player is in the correct age group and if there is room on that team, then (s)he is placed on that team by the first request date. REQUEST MUST BE IN BY JUNE 15th. There is NO guarantee that the request can be honored.

    3rd: As needed to make a team or to fill out a team.

    Note: A player is placed in her/his age group unless it has been requested that (s)he play up, it is approved, there is room for her/him to play up, and additional amount is paid (if necessary, because the PLAY UP AGE GROUP is a higher registration fee amount).

    Other Questions/Answers can be found on the TSC FAQ Page