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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the Tracyton Soccer Club (TSC) Recreational program?

A: Our Recreational program is open to all players between the ages of 4 to 18 (see age chart) regardless of experience. The use of tryouts, invitations, recruiting, or any like process to roster players selectively to any team based on talent or ability is prohibited.

All TSC Recreational Coaches are volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering to coach please contact TSC Director of Coaching ([email protected]) and Registrar ([email protected]).

Micro *U5 – U8 (ages 4 – 7):  Season begins in mid-August and continues through to the end of October. All eight (8) games are played at Lobe Field at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds.  
U5 – U6 teams play 3 V 3 and U7 – U8 teams play 4 V 4 with no goalkeepers.

Mod U9 – U12 (ages 8 – 11): The season begins in mid-August and continues through mid - November. There is a ten (10) game season with five (5) games at home (Lobe Field) and five (5) games away. Possible away game locations are: Bremerton, Belfair, Bainbridge, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston, Chimacum and Port Orchard.   
U9 – U10 teams play 7 V 7 including a goalkeeper and U11 and U12 teams play 9 V 9 including a goalkeeper.

Full sided U13 – U19 (ages 13 – 18): The season begins in mid-August and continues through mid - November. There is a ten (10) game season with five (5) games at home (Gordon Field) and five (5)   games away. Possible away game locations are: Bremerton, Belfair, Bainbridge, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Kingston, Chimacum and Port Orchard.
U13 – U19 teams play 11 V 11 including a goalkeeper.

Q:What does the "U" mean in U5 – U19?

A: It means “under”. All players in that age group were underthat specified age on December 31st of the seasonal year for Fall Season. Please visit the current USYS Age Chart for birth years and age groups.

Q: Why can't my player play with their best friend; they are both in the same grade at school?

A: Players are placed on teams by their birth year not their school grade.

Players cannot play down. WYS Rule 206.2 (Player Age Definition)

Q: Why do I need to provide a copy of my child's birth certificate or other legal proof of age? Can I use a hospital, baptismal or religious certificate?

 TSC is required to verify date of birth upon initial registration.

WYS Rule 204.7.2. Proof of Age: “States that a player shall provide proof of age upon initial registration with an affiliated organization of the WYS. Any player may be called upon to provide said proof of age to a member association registrar or the WYS registrar upon request. Hospital, baptismal or religious certificates will not be accepted.”

Q: What does my recreational registration fee include?

 Your registration fees pay for your players shirts or jerseys and socks which are yours to keep. The fees also include training equipment, goals, nets, balls, flags, field paint, referees, insurance, coaches' clinics, scheduling fees, all field use, and any other items necessary for practice or play.
Q: How are teams formed?

A: Teams are formed in the following ways:

1.     Players who request to return to the same team that they were assigned to the previous season and are registered by the early registration deadline are placed back on that team, provided the team is still in existence.

A.   If the team no longer exists, an attempt is made to place the player with teammates from the prior season.

2.     Players who request to play on a specific team, for a specific coach, or with a friend must adhere to the following guidelines to be placed on that team:

A.    The request must be made by the early registration deadline.

B.    The player is the correct age or requests to play up on birth year and there is room at the above year.

C.    There is an open roster spot.

D.    Priority is determined by registration date.

E.    There is NO guarantee that the request will be honored.

3.     As needed to make a new team or to fill out an existing team that has room for additional players.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum number of players on a team per age group? 

A: For a team to be viable it needs to have at least the minimum number of players. In addition, a team must not exceed the maximum number of players. If a team has too many players, opportunities for skill development may be hindered, and teams cannot meet the requirement for recreational play time of fifty percent (50%).

Age group

Minimum # of players

Maximum # of players

# of players on the field

U5 – U6




U7 – U8




U9 – U10



7 (6 & goalkeeper)

U11 – U12



9 (8 & goalkeeper)

U13 – U19



11 (10 & goalkeeper)


Q: Who coaches the teams? 

 All TSC recreational coaches are volunteers and many of them are family members of TSC players. All coaches must complete and pass a Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) Risk Management Assessment. Free coaches training is available.
Q: When will I hear from my player’s coach and when do recreational practices typically begin? 

1. Around the middle of July, TSC hosts a coaches meeting. During this time, the team rosters are distributed, and coaches sign up for practices fields, days, and times.

2. Coaches will then contact their players with information regarding practices. This should happen no later than August 20th.

Note: If you have not been contacted by your player’s coach by August 20th, contact the TSC Registrar ([email protected] ). It is possible that a coach may be on vacation, there may not be enough players to field a team at your player's age group, or the club may still be looking for a coaching candidate for that team.

Q: How often and where will my child practice? 

A: Each individual coach will sign up for a practice field including days (Mon. and Wed or Tue and Thu), times, and location. 

For U8 and below: Practice fields are normally at local elementary schools: Cottonwood, Woodlands, Brownsville, Esquire Hills, and Pinecrest. Typical practice times would be 4:30 – 5:45 or 5:45 - 7:00.

For U9 - U12: Practices are typically at Lobe baseball fields. Typical practice times would be 5:00 – 6:30 or 6:30 – 8:00.

For U13 and above: Practice fields are normally at Gordon Fields. Typical practice times would be 5:00 – 6:30 or 6:30 – 8:00. 

Q: When does the TSC Fall Season begin? 

A: All games will begin on the first Saturday after Labor Day and continue for 8 to 10 weeks depending on age group of the players.

Q: What equipment do I need to purchase for my player to participate? 

A: Your child will be required to wear shin guards and a pair of socks that completely cover them. Socks must be worn over the shin guard.  A pair of soccer cleats (No Football or Baseball cleats that have a toe cleat) or tennis shoes are needed.

You may also provide an appropriately sized soccer ball.

U5 – U8: Size 3

U9 – U12: Size 4

U13 and up: Size 5

Tracyton Soccer Club provides jerseys and socks for each player to wear for their games. These items are yours to keep. 

Coaches are provided a limited number of soccer balls, cones, pinnies, and goalkeeping equipment (U9 and above).

Soccer balls with TSC logos may be available for purchase during or after registration. Quantities are limited.

Q: What does the WYS insurance cover? 

A: “WYS insurance provides secondary coverage for medical expenses incurred during the course of a WYS sanctioned activity that exceed benefits available under any and all other available insurance plans. WYS insurance includes a deductible for each occurrence, regardless of any deductible paid under any other insurance plan.”  If your player sustained an injury during a sanctioned activity please contact the TSC Safety Coordinator at [email protected]  to request the necessary paperwork and next steps.

Q: May players wear jewelry while participating in soccer?

No, WYS rules do not allow players to participate in games if they are wearing jewelry of any kind (earrings - this includes "taping" of the earrings, facial piercings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair ties on wrist, etc).

Q: What is the Tracyton Soccer Club (TSC) Select program? 

A: Beginning at U9 players may try out for a team.  Tryouts are typically held between March and May. Upon selection and team formation practices begin in June. Teams participate in summer tournaments, play a fall and spring season**, as well as competing in the WYS State Cup.  Practices are held year around.

**All U16 and above teams compete only in one season due to WIAA high school soccer season.

For more information about Tracyton Select please contact Director of Select Ron Yeager at [email protected].

Q: What does my select registration fee include? 

A: Your registration fees pay for your players practice tee shirt. The fees also include training equipment, goals, nets, balls, flags, field paint, referees, insurance, coaches' clinics, scheduling fees, all field use, and any other necessary items.

Other Questions?

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